Monday, October 3, 2022

Texas Democratic Party to Texans: Make sure you’re registered to vote!

By the Texas Democratic Party

After registering hundreds of thousands of Texans this year alone, Texas Democrats are today urging voters – the final National Voter Registration Day before the crucial 2022 midterm elections – to ensure they’re registered to vote at their current address.

“The stakes couldn’t be more clear in this election,” said Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa. “This election will determine whether Texans make a living wage, have access to health care, and whether their power stays on. This is no time to sit out – go get registered at your current address so, in just a few weeks, you can vote for people who will fight for you and your loved ones.”

Any Texan who wishes to register to vote ahead of the October 11 deadline should visit or stop by their County Elections Office. New registrants cannot register to vote online but with, they can request to have a prefilled, postage-paid voter registration form mailed to them.

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It takes a few minutes to submit the request and about a week to receive the form, so anyone wanting to use this tool to register by the deadline should plan ahead. To vote in the upcoming election, mail-in vote registration applications need to be postmarked by October 11th. After October 1st, we recommend that new registrants print their voter registration application rather than request one be mailed to them.

“The majority of Texans support commonsense gun reform, access to life-saving abortion services, a quality education for all kids, and so many more basic societal needs,” said Texas Democratic Party Director of Voter Registration Hannah Howell. “Our data shows that more than enough Texans are fed up with Republican lawmakers to turn this state blue. If we can just get everyone who feels this way registered and out to the polls, we can vote these extremist Republicans out. So please – use today as a moment to call or text your friends and family members and send them to to make sure they’re registered to vote. Lives are literally on the line.”

Texas Democrats will be holding events across the state today, in rural, suburban, and urban areas of Texas to make sure that every eligible Texan who wants their voice heard this November is able to cast their ballot.

In addition, the Texas Democratic Party digital team has encouraged voter registration by sharing reminders and helpful information on social media platforms, amplifying groups doing voter registration work, and creating content for supporters to share in their social circles.

We would strongly urge all media to report now on the October 11 deadline for all Texans to be registered to vote and on the multi-step process:

Texans who are not already registered to vote in the state are required to complete a paper registration form and have it in the mail, postmarked by October 11 (or entrust a special version of the form to a Volunteer Deputy Registrar certified by their county elections office to deliver it on their behalf).

If Texans need a postage-paid form mailed to them, they can request one from the Texas Democratic Party before October 1 at

Texans who are registered to vote in Texas but have moved can update their address online with the Secretary of State by October 11 as long as they have a Texas Driver’s license or DPS-issued ID card.

Too many Texans have a strong desire to see change in their government but, partly because of our state’s by-design archaic voting laws, they are not empowered to cast their votes.

For any background information on how readers, listeners, or viewers can register to vote, please feel free to reach out to the Texas Democratic Party by emailing – the Party is able to pass along easy-to-read information or make leadership available for interviews.


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