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Master Plan for the new Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center unveiled before Dallas City Council last week

On Tuesday of last week, Visit Dallas CEO Craig Davis presented an updated version of the Master Plan for the new Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center to Dallas City Council.

The plan for the new facility will add to previous efforts to strengthen connections in Dallas given its central deck park that will allow pedestrians and bicyclists to cross the facility. In doing so, the project will connect downtown to South Dallas Cedars and allow potential future high-speed rail to connect to the project in the future.

The new center is to include 800,000 square foot exhibit hall space, a 1,000 square foot ballroom, and a deck park located on top of the convention center, reports WFAA.

While the center’s efficient design will reduce the footprint of the facility and the need for additional land to complete the project, it will also allow for event flexibility and room for expansion into the future.


The new Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center will include a deck park that connects the north and south sides of Interstate Highway 30 (Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas)

Among the goals for the project was the desire to create a self-sustaining, efficient, and flexible design that incorporates sustainable materials and emerging technologies. The design is also intended to create a vibrant space by incorporating commercial, retail and residential uses within the project.

The Plan for the new facility was presented on Tuesday to Dallas City Council Committees, including the Transportation and Infrastructure and Economic Development Committees. The presentation included a restructured timeline and new video renderings. Davis touted improved planning for future convention center booking, a shorter total construction timeline, and the support of local hoteliers.

The expected completion date for the new center is second quarter 2028, rather than the initially anticipated 2029 opening. The deck park is expected to be completed in 2030.
“The excitement about Dallas and our new world class convention center is just getting started,” said Davis. “Our fantastic sales team and hospitality community has already booked this new center over 30 times before shovels have broken ground, and I am confident that will continue and increase with the shortened timeline.”

The City will move forward with the plans presented last week, looking to solicit a project management firm in February, 2023 before a bond issuance and reimbursement solution to be presented later this year.


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