Have you Heard?

By Tonya Whitaker

NDG Staff Writer

Kinda fishy

The You Outta Be Ashamed Award goes to Detroit DJ and soulster Keith Washington. The singer of the 1990s hit Kissing You sold out his “friend” Aretha Franklin by broadcasting a private conversation with her on his show, Kisses After Dark, on 105.9 Kiss FM. A source close to Franklin told Black Voices, “It was wrong. Aretha didn’t know she was getting taped.” I agree with the Black Voices source – that was flat out tacky. Washington issued an apology to Franklin and her family, and in the statement he said he knew the show was videotaped. Why didn’t Washington step out of the room to call the Queen of Soul? Sad to see that friendship takes a backseat when it comes to scooping a story.

Good rap, bad rap

Is there ever anything good to say about married NBA players? You definitely won’t hear a good word coming from Shaunie O’Neal. But, she did have one good thing to say in their defense. In a recent radio interview, Shaq’s ex-wife and VH-1’s Basketball Wives producer said the only NBA player she thinks is faithful is Grant Hill, who is married to singer Tamia. O’Neal is a really scorn woman to think there is only one faithful black NBA player in the league. NBA exs aren’t the only one hatin’ on hoopsters. Check out what Football Wives’ Chanita Foster, wife of former NFL player Greg Foster, says: “A basketball wife has more opportunities to get cheated on than a football wife. The NBA has 84 games a year, that’s 42 opportunities [for a basketball player] to do what they want in another city. The NFL has a total of 16 games and eight of them you leave on Saturday, play, and come back on Sunday.” Her rationale makes no sense to me. An athlete (or any nonprofessional athlete) who wants to cheat will find a way, regardless of the number of games played. Look at Brett Favre. He found a way to hook up with Jenn Sterger when he was a Jet.

Tucker’s comeback

The last time we heard from Chris Tucker, the Internal Revenue Service was riding his tail for $11 million in back taxes. Now, the Rush Hour actor is slated to star in Warner Bros. movie called The Rabbit. The action-comedy centers on a Las Vegas magician and escape artist who abandons the United States to work for hire on foreign soil. The premise does not sound like a box-office hit, but we got to do what we got to do to pay the bills.

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