Gazette Gossip: All black women are ugly? Come on now!

By Tonya Whitaker
NDG Staff Writer

I am shocked at the things “learned” people will come up – the Bell curve and the theory that black athletes are faster because they have an extra muscle in their legs quickly come to mind. You would think with all the education they have, they would know better than to make stupid, baseless comments. Case in point: Satoshi Kanazawa. This fool came up a theory that black women are less attractive then women of other races. What is the basis of his research – hate? I cannot believe the editors of Psychology Today had the nerve to run this mess in the first place. The journal has since pulled the story from its website because of public outcry. This is just another ploy for non-blacks to spew hate. I applaud the officials at London University’s recent move to cancel an on-campus lecture for the bigot.

Cole ties the knot, Evans ends nuptials
Congrats are in order for Keyshia Cole. The singer tied the knot Saturday in Las Vegas with her boyfriend, Cleveland Cavalier Daniel Gibson. The groom tweeted Saturday the couple were taking a helicopter ride and being on cloud 9. “So the World ain’t end. Not yet … But a brand new world for me and my family has just Begun!” Gibson tweeted. On the flipside, Faith Evans and her record producer/manager husband, Todd Russaw, are officially done. Evans filed papers in a Los Angeles Superior Court last week, and cited irreconcilable differences as the culprit. Russaw and Evans have been married since 1997. Young, Black and reported the couple has been legally separated since 2005, but had their youngest of two children in 2007. Evans is also the mother of a daughter she had with record executive Kiyamma Griffin and a son she had with the late rapper Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace.

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