NDG Gossip: Shaunie talks ‘trash’ and ‘Basketball Wives’

By Tonya Whitaker
NDG Staff Writer

I know all you Basketball Wives/Fiancés/Baby Mommas/Girlfriends (that’s my title of the show) freaks have heard that Shaunie O’Neal’s spawn to her VH-1 reality show – Basketball Wives LA – will premiere Aug. 29. But, according to Young, Black and Fabulous, Shaq’s ex is not too pleased with some of the women who will appear on the show. She didn’t mince words during an interview with Ebony.

“The L.A. cast – there are some wives and fiancés, which I’m fine with. But there’s a little bit of trash kind of sprinkled into that cast that I’m totally against. I was really very hands off with that cast.”

Signed on for the show thus far are the cast includes Kimsha Artest, wife of Los Angeles Laker Ron Artest; Jackie Christie,

Shaunie O'Neal

wife of Doug Christie, former player for the Los Angeles Clippers; and Imani Showalter, ex-fiancée of Charlotte Bobcats’ Stephen Jackson, and Gloria Govan, fiancee of Laker baller Matt Barnes. Also expected to make an appearance on the show is Gloria’s sister, Laura. O’Neal spoke well of the other ladies – except for the Govan sisters.

Hmm, I wonder if the “trash” she conspicuously omitted were Laura and Gloria. Remember, it was Laura who was rumored to have messed around with Shaq while Shaunie was still married to the retired NBA star. And, she ain’t necessarily a fan of Gloria either; they were always neck and neck on BBW.

Shaq da hitman?
Speaking of Shaunie’s ex, TMZ reported July 15 that an ex-gang member is suing Shaq O’Neal for masterminding a plot to have him kidnapped by other gang members in 2008.

Robert Ross contends Shaq organized and funded a series of murders and attacks on people who “did him wrong,” including a Crip who disrespected him in front of Shaunie, ordering the murder of a woman he impregnated, and breaking the shooting arm of an NBA player’s shooting arm.

I cannot imagine Shaq doing this at all. Shaq acting like Rae Carruth? I know the national unemployment rate is high, but dang! We don’t need to resort to scamming brothas with money by making up silly accusations. According to the report, Ross does not disclose if he followed through with these “hits” took place. Wow, that makes us believe anything he says.

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