Black History Spotlight for July 23: More than 700 Blacks

The Battle of Monmouth was fought on July 28, 1778 and more than 700 blacks had participated. This battle was part of the American Revolutionary War and took place in Monmouth County, New Jersey. It is sometimes referred to as the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse because British troops were attacked by the Continental Army when leaving the Monmouth Court House (known today as Freehold Borough).

Many runaway slaves had joined British armies to destroy American forces. Colonel Tye was a runaway who joined the British as a guerilla fighter. Tye captured an American militia captain and gained a reputable name with the British. He assembled the band known as “cow-boys”, who were comprised of black slaves and lower class whites. They attacked American militia throughout New Jersey, often attacking military outposts, former master’s plantations and other Americans who rebelled against the British.

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