White members will not allow Black couple to marry at their church

Yes it is 2012, we have an African American President of the United States, African American men and women have made progress and contributed but to this country. However, even now “good Christian folk” still can’t manage to hide their racist hearts.

Charles and Te’Andrea Wilson are not members of the First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs, Miss. but they have been regular visitors. They were planning to get married at the church last Saturday, only to be notified the day before their wedding was cancelled at the church.

Charles and Te’Andrea Wilson were looking forward to saying “I do” in the First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs, Miss. on July 21. But the day before their Big Day, their pastor told them their wedding had been cancelled.

Fox 6 in Alabama reports that the couple had booked the church and distributed invitations only to find out that the church’s congregation had decided that the Wilsons, an African American couple, could not tie the knot in their church.

“The church congregation had decided no black could be married at that church, and that if he went on to marry her, then they would vote [the pastor] out the church,” Charles Wilson told Fox.

The pastor did marry the couple as planned at a different location.

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  1. Sonya Maree Wolf says:

    I smell a lawsuit… Seriously, I am absolutely sick to death of the churches being allowed to spit in the face of LAW in the name of religion and the separation of church and state and then out of the other side of their mouths want to preach who and what to vote for from that same pulpit.

  2. NDG Staff says:

    Agreed on both counts.

    It is sad to see what folks claim to do and be in the name of Jesus Christ – while not representing His teachings at all.

  3. How can they do that? Is there any racism in Christianity? In Islam one does not see things like that. If you are a Muslim you are a Muslim regardless of colour of your skin. I think this is one of the reasons that Blacks are reverting to Islam.

  4. Hanno Phoenicia says:

    Regarding the comment by Mahboob Khan, readers should note he does not believe a word he’s writing. He has been observed writing anti-Semitic comments on his Facebook page. His stand in favor of bigotry belies his claims on this page.

  5. The problem is not the law. The problem lies in their hearts. Indeed, Christianity is more about the heart than the law. Hopefully the Pastor/ministers will be able to preach and teach them into a greater spiritual maturity. Indeed, the other churches in the area should with great clarity officially tell that church membership they are wrong. Not only are churches to stand up against wrong in the world, we are to stand up against wrong in the church even in other churches.

    Racism is not a function of Christianity but an error of imperfect Christian people who need correction.

    There is no greater hope for humanity than that hope that is in the crucified and resurrected Jesus Christ for the sins of humankind.

  6. At least these people are honest and let you know their true feeling which is more than I can say about most Americans. Why lie and hide. Be honest and up front. Most of the so called red States hate black people anyway. Where would America be if the South had won the Civil War? Jesus is probable still trying to get in this chuch also. And heaven help him if he shows up as a black man (LOL).

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