Community activist sues Irving mayor for defamation

Anthony Bond is an Irving community activist and has filed a lawsuit against Irving’s Mayor Beth Van Duyne for defamation of character.

Last week, Mayor Duyne called Bond a “whore” after Bond made allegations against Tommy Gonzalez, City Manager. Bond claimed that he received tickets for the city manager for sporting and other events at the American  Airline Center, and leave the tickets on Gonzalez’s doorstep. During a local news interview Van Dunye was quoted as calling Bond a “whore” for his behavior.

Bond has now filed a defamation suit against Van Duyne and claims she tarnished his character and image among his family, friends, and others. The lawsuit does not seek monetary compensation, he does however want Van Duyne to refrain from making such inappropriate comments.

Van Duyne plans to get a personal attorney to represent her in the case of what she referred to as a “distraction.”

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