Congress forgetting about farmers?

Washington has not passed a Farm Bill and this will hurt the economy in more ways than one. The Farm Bill currently in use since 2008 will expire at the end of this month, and a lot of farmers are going to be left out and left without. In light of the drought, Congress seems to neglect those farmers in need; farmers are left to try and tend to their own needs.

“Congress is playing games with American farmers. And almost no one seems to hear our cry. We farmers rallied in Washington earlier this month urging Congress to, but got little media attention. So, most of the public did not get the message,

Where is Congress? These political “leaders” seem to have more important things to do than function as the American people hired them to do. They are “gone” to campaign to keep their jobs.

I believe their neglect of farmers in favor of election year politics demonstrates that it’s time to turn some members of Congress out to pasture! That’s one way to get this body to stop playing politics with the lives of the American people.”

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