Malenna Saunders

Some people go through life wondering what they would like to do in as they struggle through their current job situation. Others know what they want to do, but either cannot because they need to ‘make a living’ or don’t because they are scared to try. Traditional corporate America trumps all dreams! Traditional corporate America has become a lot less reliable and with the growth of unhappy employees, unemployment, and decrease in job security, some people have been left to find other means of income. Others are forced to find a NEW source entirely.

A little over a year ago, Malenna Saunders was let go from her corporate position of almost 10 years. She worked for one of the largest financial institutions of the world and thought with hard work, came job security.

“As more and more people were let go, and people began to tip toe more and more around the office, reality finally set in when my number was called and I was asked to leave my badge and take my personal belongings. You know the feeling you have when you walk outside and realize your car is gone? This was much worse. More like walking home and realizing your house was gone. Now where do I go?”

Fast forward to a year and a half later. Saunders now has her own fitness company, Phoenyx Fitness, which operates bootcamps around New York City, in addition to providing personal training, nutritional and lifestyle coaching, and a variety of classes including kettle bells, yoga and zumba. Phoenyx Fitness also provide fitness competition prep for ladies interested in being a fitness competitor or model or just LOOK like one.

As a fitness model, competitor, trainer, and lifestyle coach, Saunders will also be taking part in a competition being held in Dallas Oct. 20 at 10:30 a.m. The World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation Inc. (WBFF) is hosting their first annual Texas Championships.

As a hometown girl, Saunders is looking forward to returning home and taking the stage with plans to make Dallas proud.

The WBFF event will be held at Dallas Convention CTR in the TBAAL Theatre at 650 South Griffin Street in downtown Dallas. For tickets and more information visit, or call TicketMaster at 1-800-745-3000.


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