Is A Good Day to Die Hard just a love story – with guns and bombs?

By Ruth Ferguson, NDG Editor

John McClane (Bruce Willis) is back and fans that love guns blazing, bombs exploding, incredible car crashes will be delighted. A Good Day to Die Hard delivers all of that in spades. The unique plan by 20th Century Fox to open the movie on Valentine’s Day lends itself to the idea that at its core the movie is a love story. OK maybe so, but it is just not the type of love story Cupid had in mind. The primary narrative of the action flick is about family love.

John McClane has not seen his son estranged Jack (Jai Courtney) in quite a while. A few years to be exact, and he had no idea Jack is now a spy for the CIA. When his law enforcement buddy did a bit of digging and discovered Jack was slated to go on trial in Russia, he left that little detail out.

Following a touching moment with his daughter at the airport in the U.S. we next see John in Russia and his timing is perfect. After he is serenaded by a Frank Sinatra loving taxi driver, John conveniently arrives at the courthouse right before the building explodes and his son comes out in shackles, with a gun (which he points in his father’s face) and a fellow escaping Russian prisoner.

And then the fun begins.

Between John McClane’s quips and smirks as he drives like a demon through the streets of Russia – while on the phone with his daughter – you quickly realize this movie has no intention of taking itself serious. So why should you, just sit back and enjoy the ride. Don’t over think it. Do not ask yourself how a man his age – heck ANY HUMAN BEING – could survive so many vehicle crashes in 10 minutes and not even have a limp, you will deprive yourself of adrenaline rushing fun.

I am convinced the movie was set in Russia AFTER a writer came up with the tagline: Yippee-ki-yay Mother Russia!” It is just that unimportant to the fifth film in the Die Hard series.

Bottom line is that in this sequel John’s son is all grown up and his Daddy is coming to rescue him. Because as John says in the midst of the climatic battle where he is about dangle from a helicopter, “The things we do for our kids.”

Sure I could tell you more, but you don’t need to know anything else. If you love super loud explosions, impressive CGI and the smart aleck smirk of Bruce Willis this R-rated flick is for you.


  1. Margaret Freelon says:

    A Good Day to Die Hared – Just how much a man will do for a love one? A True Valentines movie for people who love a lot of action packed into their love story.

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