Aaron Fisher, Victim 1 from Sandusky case, guest speaker at DCAC

Aaron Fisher

Source: dcac.org, Aaron Fisher

Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center (DCAC) is hosting a community-focused event featuring Aaron Fisher, known as Jerry Sandusky’s Victim Number 1, who is in Dallas as keynote speaker for the 25th Annual Crimes Against Children Conference during the week of August 12-15.

The community-focused event is scheduled prior to the conference and will be an educational session covering the topics:

• Recognizing warning signs

• Minimizing risk and avoiding unsafe situations

• What to do if feeling pressured or obligated by potential perpetrators; and

• Verbal and physical boundary setting.

More than 90 percent of the time, our children are abused by people they know, people they love, people they trust. One in six boys will be abused before their 18th birthday; Aaron Fisher was one of those boys. Fisher was the first of Sandusky’s victims to come forward, paving the way for other victims to tell their stories.

During the trial of Jerry Sandusky, one of the victims said, “He made me feel like I was part of something, like a family. He gave me things that I had never had before…I loved him.”

Complex feelings such as these are often difficult for parents to understand. Emotions such as embarrassment, fear and shame are common for children who have endured abuse and therefore delay the decision to tell.

During an ABC 20/20 interview, Fisher states, “Being a kid you never know what to do, you don’t know who you can tell because you don’t know who you can trust.” Aaron now wants to share his message with the community, a message loud and clear that children do not have to be afraid.

It is important to empower children to understand how to respond if they are approached for potential grooming by a sexual predator. Join DCAC for an opportunity to empower your family and your children, hearing first hand from one who empowered himself and others.

Fisher is no longer known as Victim Number 1, but as a hero.

The community-focused event with Aaron Fisher is Sunday, Aug. 11 2 – 3:30 p.m., the cost is $50 and you can find more info at dcac.org. Parents please note the event is appropriate for children 9 years old and older, if a parent attends with them.


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