Irving Police Department 2013 first responders satisfaction survey underway

indexDuring September and October, the Irving Police Department in collaboration with the University of Dallas will be conducting the 2013 customer satisfaction survey. The survey will seek the opinions and commentaries of persons who have requested service from the department in the last three months. If you are contacted, your participation will be greatly appreciated.

The goals of the survey:

Measure the level of satisfaction of callers regarding police department services Gather the opinions and comments of customers Focus on the timeliness of services, customer expectations and the professionalism of department employees

The survey will not collect any personal identifying information.

For more information call (972) 721-2669


  1. Mark & Barbara Green says:

    The Irving Fire Department did a great job of assisting us on 9/17/13 with a serious but non-emergency need for help. Keep up the good work in our community!

  2. How nice of you to take the time to say thanks!

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