Michael Strahan possibly joining Good Morning America; will continue on Live!

Michael StrahanBy Ruth Ferguson, NDG Editor

CNN is reporting Michael Strahan is possibly on the verge of joining Good Morning America. This might explain why they did not have enough money (or were not willing to pay) Josh Elliot to remain with the network. On Sunday, ABC announced Elliot was out immediately for a job at ESPN.

Hollywood Reporter is reporting (pun unavoidable I am afraid) that this is not an overnight reaction to the Elliot departure but that the discussions have been on-going for a while. Also, Strahan will not replace anyone on GMA and in fact he is not leaving Live! With Kelly and Michael. Instead, he will appear a few times each week (not all five days) during the 7 a.m. hour, before heading off to Live!  

Is Strahan’s smile that infectious or does he just have an incredible agent?

So how will the Today Show top this?

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