Jet Magazine: The end of an era

Oprah Jet Cover copy.inddJet Magazine has announced plans to discontinue their print edition for a glorious run of 63 years. For many years this was the leading publication for the Negro, Black and African American community. You see it has been around so long that it spanned those phases in our community identification. I was surprised to read that the publication still had a circulation of 700,000. The brand is not disappearing, it is simply going digital only. 

Read more about the impact on the African American community at Financial Juneteenth. When was the last time you picked up a print copy of Jet Magazine – does your favorite grocery store even carry it anymore?


  1. anonymous says:

    …times and their content do change…here’s to the continued growth and prosperity of Jet…may they get bigger and better…

  2. NDG Staff says:


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