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North Dallas Gazette is one of the most respected resources for entertainment and news, serving a diverse market in North Dallas.

Jim Bochum, with co-founder Thurman Jones, started the Minority Opportunity News (MON) in 1991 with the vision to serve as a link to bring together political, educational and business issues, and opportunities that otherwise might not have received the focus and attention they deserved.  We changed our name to  North Dallas Gazette in 2000 to better represent the community served but our commitment to being your bridge to opportunity is the same today as it was from our first edition.

Our media kit will provide information on the audiences we reach and our digital marketing solutions. We hope you will allow us the opportunity to help you achieve your advertising goals.

Audience Overview

•  27,200 Monthly Unique Visits

•  46,500 Monthly Page Views

•  1.05 Minutes per Visit

•  Average Age 41

•  44% Male/56% Female

•  85% African American

•  10% White

•  10% Hispanic

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