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RHOA has lost their minds

We understand the boost of confidence one may receive from being thrust into the spotlight but what we have a hard time understanding is the need for the women of the Real Housewives of Atlanta to stoop to levels below subpar just to stay on the show.

Oh you had no idea those crazy broads were backstabbing, lying and cheating to keep their overextended 15 minutes of fame.  Well let us tell you what they are doing:

Kim Zolciak the 30 something year old and mother of two daughters wants to spice up her role on the show by coming out in season three as being bi-sexual.  As if her dating a rich married man, chain smoking, trying to compare herself to every new Black woman on the show, drinking more than a fish, always fighting with NeNe wasn’t enough for viewers she is trying to pull out all stops with even becoming engaged to infamous DJ Tracy Young, a woman.

NeNe Leakes the Amazon looking, speak your mind, we can’t believe that she would let anyone beat her reported to sources that she was going on a crash diet because she felt fat.  Poor Greg.  First NeNe was holding out for more money because she felt she made the show; then she went on a season long goose chase for her real father and Kim’s undivided attention; now she feels she is too fat.  You are just thick and tall deal with it.

Kandi Burguss undoubtedly had a rough first season with her ‘I hate your happiness with AJ because I am miserable and lonely’ attitude; the caught in the middle drama with NeNe and Kim and the unexpected death of her fiancée AJ but come on now Kandi do you have to play the I am better than everyone role?  No one remembered you from X-Scape until you told everyone what you did, repeatedly, now you running around the set telling on people and causing problems?

These women clearly need to get a life.

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