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Garcia is the right choice for District 4

NDG Staff – Our View

You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

Observing the dysfunctional behavior of the Dallas County Commissioner’s Court in recent months; and our belief the Court has been slow to respond to the economic crisis which led to significant budget shortfalls; we believe the Commissioner Kenneth Mayfield (R) is a part of the problem. Therefore the North Dallas Gazette is supporting Dr. Elba Garcia (D) in her quest to unseat Commissioner Mayfield for Dallas County Commissioner in District 4.

Dr. Garcia’s candidacy emphasizes a promise to communicate with the community to assess their needs and concerns to ensure transparency and responsiveness as District 4’s representative. She also pledges to seek to be a bridge builder and liaison between the Court and the county departments such as the Dallas County District Attorney’s office and the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department.

Unfortunately Commissioner Mayfield has shown himself to be a part of the problem, not the solution with his angry outbursts and political grandstanding during the last year. His behavior such as shouting at Commissioner John Wiley Price to “Give it your best shot,” even led fellow Republican Commissioner Maurine Dickey to chide him, “Let’s not get into politics,”  as reported by in July.

The demographics of District 4 have changed significantly in the sixteen years Commissioner Mayfield has served. District 4 includes Cockrell Hill, Cedar Hill, Coppell, Duncanville, Grand Prairie, Irving and parts of Oak Cliff and West Dallas. This area has evolved to include more Hispanics and Democrats.

Commissioner Mayfield can be commended for his work on issues such as an early childhood development pilot program that counties around the country could model. Also the Pinnacle Park Project, which is a mixed-use development which is located in southern Dallas County in the I-30 and Cockrell Hill Road area. Commissioner Mayfield helped in the negotiations between public and private sector officials.

However, several of the items listed on Commissioner Mayfield’s Accomplishments section of his re-election website ( boast of achievements from the mid to late 1990s such as the Tobacco settlement. Although this is laudable, the question is what has Commissioner Mayfield really done for District 4 lately?

Commissioner Mayfield’s Facebook Fan Page ( emphases popular GOP red herrings such as voter fraud. One entry even raises allegations regarding former leaders of the now defunct ACORN, a popular GOP scapegoat in recent years.  In fact, the information posted since July emphasizes not 16 years of achievements for District 4 but allegations of voter fraud, fighting President Barack Obama’s agenda and fighting to keep taxes low.

The question is: does this reflect the concerns of the constituents in District 4 or simply more GOP – and Tea Party – rhetoric? Also, after sixteen years why is this page not filled with achievements highlighting how Commissioner Mayfield has improved District 4?

Note: Dr. Garcia’s Facebook Fan Page is located at

Dr. Garcia promises to improve transparency to the voters regarding the Commissioner’s Court activities. Too often the public is unaware of the key decisions the Commissioner’s Court is making (or sometimes not making) until the latest shouting match ensues.

However, Dr. Garcia says she will work to be known as “The Communication Commissioner” through frequent “County Hall” meetings with District 4 constituents and a bi-monthly newsletter. These efforts will include bilingual communications for the growing Hispanic community in the district.

Her website ( reflects endorsements from Texas Senator Royce West, City Mayor Herbert Gears, Dallas County District Clerk Gary Fitzsimmons, The Real Estate Council, and The Dallas County Sheriff’s Association.

The North Dallas Gazette joins these citizens and organizations in supporting Dr. Garcia’s candidacy for Dallas County Commissioner’s Court because we believe she is the right choice to address the needs and concerns of District 4 today ~ not sixteen years ago.


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