Monday, May 23, 2022

Sister Tarpley’s Column: The Daffodil Principle

Gifts given for A Christmas Blessings 2012

Things to think about for 2013: I was asked to see some daffodils before they are over with for the summer.  Since it was a long drive from where I lived; I reluctantly promised to go see the daffodils the next Tuesday.

As luck would have it, the next Tuesday was a cold and rainy day.  I said, “forget the daffodils; the road is almost invisible in the clouds and fog.”

However, my friend wouldn’t let me rest.  “You will never forgive yourself if you miss this experience,” she said.  I unenthusiastically decided to keep my promise and go see the daffodils.

We turned onto a small gravel road and saw a small church.  On the far side of the church, a hand-lettered sign read, “Daffodil Garden.”  We got out and followed a path to the garden.

When I turned a corner of the path I looked up and gasped.  Before us was a glorious sight.  It looked as though someone had taken a great vat of gold and poured it down over the mountain peak and slopes.

The flowers were planted in majestic, swirling patterns of ribbons and swaths of deep orange, white, lemon, yellows, salmon pink, saffron, and butter yellow.  Each different colored variety was planted as a group so that it swirled and flowed like its own river with its own unique hue.

Who did this?”  I asked.  “It’s just one woman,” was the answer.  “The woman lives on the property.”  That’s her home.”  I looked at a well kept frame house that looked small and modest in the midst of all that glory.

Walking to the house, we saw a poster that read.  “Answers to the Questions I know You Are Asking.”

The first answer was, “50,000 bulbs.” The second answer was, “One at a time, by one woman.  Two hands, two feet, and very little brain.”  The third answer was, “Began in 1958.”

There it was, The Daffodil Principle.   That was a life changing experience.  I thought of this woman whom I had never met, who, more than forty-seven years before, had begun with one bulb at a time—to bring her vision of beauty and joy to an obscure mountain top.

Just planting one bulb at a time, year after year, this unknown woman had forever changed the world in which she lived.  She had created something of beauty and inspiration.

One of the greatest principles of celebration is leaning to move toward our goals and desires one step at a time; often one small step and learning to love the doing, learning to use the accumulation of time.  When we multiply tiny pieces of time with small increments of daily effort, we too will find we can accomplish magnificent things.  We can change the world.   – Author Unknown

TWO WAYS: To every soul there is a “high” way and a “low.”  The “high” soul climbs the “high” way; the “low” soul gropes the “low.”  In between, on the misty flats, the rest drift to and fro.  Every man decides which way his soul shall go. –John Oxenham

A Prayer to consider for 2013: Dear God, this New Year, help me to be kinder; help me to be blind to the faults of those around me.  Help me to praise You more.  Help me when I am weary to be more cherry.  Help me to serve You and my fellowman better, especially those that I am striving to reach.  Help me to be braver when temptation bids me waver.  Help me to strive harder to be all that I should be.  Help me to be meeker with my brother who is weaker; help me think more of You and my neighbor and less of me.


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