Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Jennifer Hudson Covers the January Issue of ESSENCE

ESSENCE Jennifer Hudson-Jan“I just love being with him. We have so much fun. We’ve shared so many special moments, like when we flew down to Key West last summer for a friend’s wedding. I’m on the road so much for work that I didn’t even want to go…but David persuaded me to go and it was just the two of us. We’re usually surrounded by so many people that it’s tough to have privacy. But on this trip we could party with our friends, then just disappear for hours…it was so freaking fun.”—Jennifer Hudson, ESSENCE

This is Jennifer Hudson’s season to exhale. When it comes to balancing a movie career and motherhood, recording a new album and staying oh so fit, she knows that she couldn’t do it without the love of her family and the lessons in faith her mother taught her. In ESSENCE’s January issue piece, Rare Air, Hudson reflects on her greatest loves and how she turned her grief into triumph

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