Tuesday, June 28, 2022

GISD’s Student Nutrition Services explores new, refreshing initiatives

Chefs Move Ro Schools, Photo by: Chefs Move to Schools /facebook
Chefs Move Ro Schools, Photo by: Chefs Move to Schools

With countless studies linking a well-balanced diet to high academic performance, Garland ISD places an emphasis on providing wholesome meals for every boy and girl. This year, the district introduced Breakfast in the Classroom in 15 schools, providing the most important meal of the day to all students free of charge. GISD’s Student Nutrition Services (SNS) Department is now looking for additional initiatives and participated in the first Chefs Move to Schools National Advisory Group meeting Jan. 14-16.

“It is exciting for Garland ISD to be part of an initiative like this one, which has the potential to affect students across the United States,” said Associate Superintendent of Administration Doug Brubaker. “Director of Student Nutrition Services Brandford Trudeau will do a great job representing GISD and other school districts nationwide.”

The Chefs Move to Schools program is a component of First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign, which has an end goal of solving the childhood obesity epidemic within one generation. This program promotes the collaboration of chefs and schools to educate students about food and healthy eating.

GISD was invited to be one of just two school districts in the National Advisory Group, serving alongside representatives from the United States Department of Agriculture, National School Food Service Institute, White House staff and industry as well as nonprofit organizations.

“We have a great food program here and need to expose more students to our healthy choices in meals,” Trudeau said. “Chefs can bring a certain credibility to our food program that students respect.”

SNS is currently setting the framework for a Chefs Move to Garland ISD day in the fall.  “We hope this new program will entice more children to develop healthy eating habits,” he explained. “We also want to encourage them to eat breakfast and lunch in the cafeterias across GISD.”

For more information on GISD’s Student Nutrition Services, visit the department’s website.



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