Thursday, April 25, 2024

Who is making money exploiting the N Word?

Jay Z and Kanye West have heavily influenced fans to casually use the N-word. (Image: Wikipedia)
Jay Z and Kanye West have heavily influenced fans to casually use the N-word. (Image: Wikipedia)

The N-Word’s Multi-Layered Power Structure is a YouTube video that spotlights the history of the N-Word starting with chilling clips from the 1950s and 1960s as racists boldly walk the streets without their sheets yelling insults and slurs to those how are making a lot of money using the N-word. Perhaps you think you know who is profiting from it, but this video will challenge your assumptions.

Many young people will say that by taking control of the word the have taken back the power. But when we see videos like the one that surfaced social media this weekend, where an older white woman was recorded yelling at a black family at a Chicago beach, we are reminded that the hatred behind the word nigger still remains strong. Sadly, most of the young people today really won’t know this until they are faced with a woman like this. The racial tensions in America are continuing to be climb so that is becoming more likely each day.

Jay Z, Drake, Lil Wayne and more have made millions singing songs with niggas in it – but if words really matter – at what cost have they filled their pockets with money? Watch the video closely because while you might know Jay Z, he is making change compared to the studios who promote and play his songs. Not one single person in this video looks like us. Even comedians such as Chris Rock and Kevin Hart get into the game too. You can make an argument that Rock was making a political point, or is that just another way fan excuses this behavior because it entertains us?

What is really disappointing, but eye opening is the second half which spotlights Dr. Martin Luther King leading another peaceful march versus the angry mob mentality we have seen from Los Angeles to Baltimore. More importantly the video points out Rev. King’s marches led to an improvement in our communities, what has the lawless behavior produced besides criminal charges? Today less than 4% of American radio stations are black-owned, and NO TV stations.

Watch this video and ask yourself: do you think words matter?


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