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Threatened via social media, 19 year old Houston mother killed in drive by

Kendra Childs (Image: Houston Defender)
Kendra Childs (Image: Houston Defender)

Another day, another tragic death to report. When will it end? In Houston, a young mother was repeatedly threatened on social media, was killed just shy of her 20th birthday in a drive-by shooting on Tuesday (09-13-16).

The lifeless body of Kendra Childs, 19, was discovered by her boyfriend who was lying on the bedroom floor in a pool of blood at approximately 12:40pm. Childs was pronounced dead at the scene, according to the Houston police department.

Witnesses told police that a Camaro with tinted windows had stopped outside her apartment and fired several shots through the apartment wall.

“If you can see it’s just a blank wall, they wouldn’t have had known someone was exactly in there and it was a very unlucky shot,” Mark Holdbrook of the Houston Police Department told Houston TV station, ABC 13.

To read the full story, please visit the Houston Defender for the very latest details.


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