Monday, May 23, 2022

North Dallas Gazette endorses Carolyn King Arnold in the runoff for Dallas City Council District 4

Former Dallas City Council member Carolyn King Arnold receives NDG’s endorsement for Dallas City Council District 4 in the Dec. 11 runoff (Courtesy image)

NDG’s View

Following the 2018 midterms and local elections, there is no denying the youth of this generation are poised to do wonderfully amazing things. They are poised to lead Dallas and the nation to a brighter future. Every day young activists and groups are fighting the relics of time and outdated laws. They are leading the call for a more inclusive world where WE are all equal – now, not someday.

However, sometimes for progress, experienced voices must step forward to speak on behalf of both the generations of yesterday and today. For this reason, the North Dallas Gazette (NDG) continues to support and endorse Carolyn King Arnold for the Dallas City Council District 4 seat.

Her experience began serving as an educator in the community for many years and later as the president of Glenn Heights Homeowners Association. Arnold has been in the trenches of city government when she was elected to represent Dallas’ District 4 in 2015. Former Mayor Pro Temp and councilman Dwaine Caraway, who could not run again at the time due to term limits, previously held the seat.

Her platform is simple; take care of the residents of District 4 by:

  • Developing smart economics such as better housing and transportation;
  • Creating workforce and education opportunities through vocational training; and
  • Establishing an overall quality of life with safe and clean neighborhoods and quality healthcare.

Arnold’s opponent in Dec. 11 runoff is a revolutionary activist, Keyaira Saunders, a co-founder of the Next Generation Action Network with Dominique Alexander. Also following the disappearance of D’Lisa Kelley in District 4, Saunders co-founded the Kelley Alert Foundation with Alexander and Damon Crenshaw. These are just examples of initiatives which demonstrating that although her career in the political arena is relatively new, she has fought to keep a focus on addressing police brutality, community safety and more in Dallas. Her youth and newness to the political arena do not disqualify Saunders from leading District 4 in the future. NDG is confident her passion and energy will contribute to her continuing growth as a leader in Dallas.

However, at this time, NDG is again endorsing Carolyn King Arnold because of her commitment to rebuilding District 4 for the betterment of its residents without compromise. Arnold’s focus and passion are ensuring District 4’s best interests are at the forefront as other stakeholders propose solutions impacting the community. She takes a no holds bar approach and is not afraid to go head-to-head with developers and other power brokers. She has learned to be effective when facing those seeking to take advantage of the district while building strategic relationships necessary to get things done. This is a skill gained through experience.

In no way is NDG suggesting Saunders will not have the same dedication if elected, but we believe Arnold’s time in office gives her the advantage. As the district has lacked official representation for more than 100 days, effective leadership is needed on day one. This makes her the better candidate for District 4 today. She will provide a voice for the community as vital decisions are considered such as the City’s Master Plan.

The residents of District 4 have to get to the polls and elect Arnold to serve again on Dec. 11. We join Elite News, the Police and Fire Action Political Committees, Commissioner John W. Price, Honorable Diane Ragsdale, Vonceil Hill, Maxine-Thornton Reese, Joyce Foreman, Hector Flores  and others in endorsing Arnold.

We congratulate Saunders, but we believe Arnold is the best candidate for District 4.



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