Friday, August 12, 2022

The North Dallas Gazette honored by the Garland NAACP

The Garland Unit of the NAACP hosted its 29th Annual Freedom Fund Brunch and Silent Auction last month. The North Dallas Gazette was named the 2019 Online Print Media Award winner. The newspaper and Garland NAACP has a long history of informing the public of upcoming events and news from one of the most active chapters in the Dallas/Fort Worth community. 

“We appreciate your presence and sacrifice as we recognize and celebrate some outstanding students and citizens in our community,” Ricky C. McNeal shared with the attendees. McNeal is the NAACP Garland Unit President. 

McNeal honored his mentor, the late Dr. Wright L. Lassiter, Jr., from whom he learned the importance of producing results as opposed to seeking publicity. Long-time residents of the Garland community are proud of the accomplishments of the Garland Unit for nearly 30 years. This NAACP Unit has worked effectively with the City of Garland, Garland ISD, and other community leaders to address the African American community’s concerns. 

They have also established a strong tradition of honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. annually on the third Saturday in January. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade and March has not only the support of the African American community but also the city and officials throughout the city. It includes a parade on Saturday morning, and a concert featuring students from across the city participate at the MLK Youth Extravaganza on the next day makes it a weekend-long celebration. Over the last 30 years, children have grown up singing in the choir, and now have the pleasure of seeing their children and grandchildren share their spiritual talents. 

Each year, the North Dallas Gazette partners with the Garland NAACP in December to spotlight the upcoming parade and weekend plans. Keeping the community informed on how they can participate in the planned rehearsals and meet the deadlines for registration. 

On behalf of the Publisher, Thurman R. Jones and the staff of the North Dallas Gazette, we were truly honored to be named the NAACP Garland Unit’s 2019 Print Media Award winner and look forward to a growing relationship in the years to come. 


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