Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Dallas ISD senior starts Songbirds of Service to spread a love of music with younger students

Young MLK, Jr. Center students listen intently as Sanaya shares musical instruction through the Songbirds of Service program the Dallas ISD senior co-founded. (Image: Dallas ISD)
After visiting the orphanage she was adopted from as a child, Sanaya, a senior at the Booker T. Washington High School for the Visual and Performing Arts, was inspired to make a positive impact.

With her friend who attends Hockaday, Sanaya started Songbirds of Service, which spreads the love of music and singing with younger Dallas ISD students.

“When I visited the orphanage, I saw myself in the kids who were still there,” Sanaya said. “I knew I couldn’t just go home from visiting the orphanage and do nothing. Singing has always brought me joy, so I decided to start Songbirds of Service to help other kids find happiness through music.”

Today, Sanaya operates Songbirds of Service at the Martin Luther King Jr. Learning Center, which is under discussion to become an arts-focused transformation school. MLK Jr. Learning Center could become an arts-focused campus as part of a district effort to increase school choice opportunities for underserved areas in South Dallas.

Meanwhile, Sanaya is happy working with the students and making a positive impact on their lives.

“I’m kind of like their older sister who provides guidance and help,” Sanaya said. “It brings me such joy to see that these kids love music just as much as I do.”

Sanaya, a Dallas ISD senior, is hopeful the young students at the MLK, Jr. Center will gain a love and appreciation for music, this is the primary goal of the Songbirds of Service program she co-founded. (Image: Dallas ISD)


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