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Sister Tarpley: Fulfilled Your Purpose

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By Sister Tarpley, NDG Religion Editor

“For David . . . served the purpose of God in his own generation. (Acts 13:36 NASB)

Imagine for a moment that you have just died and you are about to come before the Judgment Seat of God. And, Jesus is speaking to the angel about you; He then says these words: My child served the purpose of my Heavenly Father for his/her generation.”

Will Jesus be able to that say that you served your purpose in your generation? Imagine being able to say that. God was able to say this about the life of David, even though David made some incredibly bad choices in his life that led to long term consequences.

However, because David repented each time he erred, his purpose was accomplished on earth as God had designed it.

One prayer that I usually pray for people when I pray for them is this; “Lord, may You fulfill every purpose for which You made them. May there be no inheritance left on the table that he/she is entitled to.”

As I was seeking prayer for my granddaughter, a young Sister-in-Christ, Denise, from Bethel had to remind me of that, I thanked her for the reminder. That is really the definition of success. Success is fulfilling the complete purpose for which God made you. It has nothing to do with wealth, accomplishments, stature in life, or standard of living.

It has to do with living a life of obedience to our loving Father in heaven. And when we live a life of obedience to the Father, we will fulfill the purposes that God had in mind when He made you and everyone else.

In 1924, Eric Liddell, a Scottish Olympic runner whose life was chronicled in a movie entitled the Chariots of Fire, was challenged by his missionary sister to forego running in the Olympics in lieu of going to China with her as a missionary.

He responded by saying, “When I run I feel God’s pleasure. I was made to run and I was made to be a missionary too.” Eric understood his complete purpose for his generation. As a result, he brought glory to the Father through his running and his missionary service.

During our coronavirus quarantine stay at home period”; remember it maybe a time for spring cleaning! It’s perhaps a wonderful time to start fresh, when things get back to normal, with a clean mind and a clean house. Now is the time to ask God to forgive you where you may have failed Him.

Ask God to help you to live a holy life, acceptable to Him and a witness to our world. Seek help as you clean your physical house, also, to know what to do with all the things you do not need.

Ask God to show you what person, church, or what service organization could benefit from those things that you can do and let the Lord, open your eyes that you may see, what you may do to “spruce up” your church also. Is there something you can clean, fix or decorate?

Is there a special project that you can donate your time or money to? Be willing, be open, and be willing to listening. Ask for guidance in the name of Jesus. Seek God to fulfill His purposes for your life in your generation.


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