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Discerning Road Blocks

By Sister Tarpley
NDG Religion Editor

“You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised.”
(Hebrew 10:36-37).

How do you know when God has placed obstacles in your path to protect you or that Satan is hindering God’s purposes in your affairs?

The story is told of a man who was in California traveling four hours to a speaking engagement when terrible fires had broken out in Southern California and many of the highways were being shut down.

Such was the case about an hour into his journey. He had to detour to a small town and was questioning whether he should turn around and go back.


Sister Tarpley, front row left, joined other ladies in the area, at the Carrollton Gazebo in Down Carrollton, celebrating the 100 years of Women Suffrage, Saturday, October 3, 2020.
(Photo: Terry McCranie / Courtesy)

He stopped at a convenience store. A woman pumping gas next to him said that the interstate was closed down ahead and if he was going north he would never get there and even if he got there he would have difficulty getting back.

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Suddenly, fear struck him with the prospects of being stranded in a strange place. He quietly prayed, asking the Lord whether this was a warning for him to turn back or Satan’s hindrance. He went into the convenience store to inquire about a map.

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While he was standing there a man walked up to him and said, “Where are you trying to go?” He told him his dilemma and he explained that the interstate was open just north of where we were and that he had to go to this exact spot and would be glad to guide me there.

He took him through all sorts of side roads in very unfamiliar areas. The man said that he would never have gotten there by himself, nor would he have made the attempt.

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They came to the interstate ramp just above where the fires were. The man waived as he sent him on his way. The man had no more trouble. He arrived at the luncheon on time and ministered to the businessmen.

Often Christians look at situations and wonder if God had sent His angel to lead them to where they were to go. Immediately after they had prayed, God would give the answer.
Do you have a situation that is difficult to discern whether God is protecting you or Satan is hindering you? Ask God to show you.

Talk to God and tell Him that you trust Him. Ask Him to show you the way you should go and for Him to lift up your soul. To teach you His will for you. Recognize that He is your God and that the Holy Spirit will lead you on level ground (Psalm 143:8-10).

God knows you and He knows your special needs. Trust Him to meet your needs in the way that is best. God know what is in your heart and mind today.

Pray that He will provide calmness and fill you with good thoughts and actions as you interact with the people around you in the name of Jesus and offer God praise.


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