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The Power of Influence

By Sister Tarpley
NDG Religion Editor

“Now I want you to know, brothers, that what has happened to me has really served to advance the gospel”
(Philippians 1:12-13).

Have you ever heard these statements: “Money talks?” Or how about this: “He who has the gold, rules?” Both of these statements have truth in them.


Texas Tre Williams and Ms. Phyllis Stromile dressed to give away Halloween candy at a local Trailer Park.

When Jesus was crucified there was a question as to where Jesus would be buried. Those that hurried him to the cross, designed that he should make his grave with the wicked; but God designed He should make it with the rich (Isaiah 53:9), and so He did.

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In order for Jesus to be buried with honor, a man of influence was permitted to take the body of Jesus. His name was Joseph of Arimathea. It seems this man had a personal relationship with Pilate.

He was a man of influence and owned a burial cave that was reserved for the rich.
Joseph of Arimathea was called an honorable counselor, a person of character and distinction and in an office of public trust; some think in the state and that he was one of Pilate’s Privy Council.

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Arimathea post rather seems to have been in the church, he was one of the great Sanhedrim of the Jews, or one of the high priest’s council.*

The Bible says that He (God) desires His people to be the head, not the tail. If we are to influence the culture, there must be men and women of influence in whom God uses to impact the culture.

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If you are a successful person, consider the words of Paul when he said, “. . . what has happened to me has really served to advance the gospel.”

Although Paul was referencing adversity in this statement, it can be equally said that each of us needs to ask if our prosperity has served to advance the gospel.

Are you using your influence to impact your neighborhood, workplace, city, or even nation for the sake of the gospel?

Talk to our Heavenly Father; tell Him that you come to Him today with a grateful heart. Thank Him for being with you through the things that you face each and every day.

Pray for the people around the world whose lives have been turned upside down by the coronavirus, wars, famine and natural disaster.

Pray for peace within; for the souls of those who have seen how helpless they are.
Pray that they see God’s power, might, and love through it all. May every Christian and every act of kindness point people to God, demonstrate God’s hope, and show them His glory. Always pray in the name of our Maker and Sustainer.

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