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Young Dallas composer turns adversity into musical inspiration

With a blood glucose level of 2019 mg/dL in 1995, Jaylin (JAYKID) Williams was only one year old. Diabetes did not stop him from grinding and pioneering his way into the music world. By age thirteen, He already knew his purpose in life.” Music is medicine and it’s the only dope that keeps me up during the night.” said Jaykid.

The sounds of music provided a sense of serenity helping him focus and set goals outside of diabetes. He started writing at age thirteen and scripted his first song titled “I’m diabetic,” helping him cope with diabetes during stressful times.

Thereafter, he began relishing gospel rap, writing and performing at churches, house of blues and other local venues throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth metropolitan.

In 2006, Jaykid went on a personal mission providing food and bottled water to the addicted & homeless people in the streets of Dallas. The Bible tells us to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” A verse we should all apply to our everyday living,” said Jaykid. “I wanted to do something special outside of gospel rap by handing out to those who fell on hard times. They also have a story to tell. By my showing compassion, acknowledgment, and treating them all like human beings, it brought me great joy.
Jaykid transitioned from spoken word to scribbling rhythm & blues and hip/hop rap in 2010. Conducting shows and traveling to major cities exploring music cultures with emphasis of learning the elements of different styles of music.


Jaykid (Courtesy photo)

Later, he began gravitating towards the engineering side of music, acquiring skills to create beats, record sound, mix and editing vocals and learning the complex processes of mixing and mastering music by using the industry-standard software Avid Pro Tools. Jaykid educated himself through YouTube tutorials, learning tips and tricks from books and using other resources absorbing advanced knowledge to becoming a music producer.

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Finally becoming a young entrepreneur running a small recording studio from his home as a sole proprietor under the name JAYKIDPRODUCTIONS…And the beat goes on”, said Jaykid, with my 14 years of working so diligently in the music industry, I am still anticipating love from our local radio networks. A few local publications have given me recognition by publishing inspirational articles. So, I am hoping radio directors recognizes my talents as well by reaching out and giving me an opportunity for interviews and showcasing my original copyrighted and registered music live.

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“WOULD I CHANGE ANYTHING?” Life is great right now,” said Jaykid, because I know where I come from. And life as I have lived it has taken me to where i am today. Making mistakes I have learned valuable lessons along the way. Mistakes made me realize that no one is born perfect. I have learned to respect my life in more ways than one. It made me a stronger, fearless, and bolder person. It made me realize that failure is not the end.

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Instead of dwelling on the physically chance of changing what has already passed. I prefer to concentrate on what is ahead for me. If I could make one change today. I would change all the negativity into positivity. “…AND HOW COULD THIS CHANGE BE DONE?” The Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it”.(Proverbs 22:6) The book will change people for the better. It will change the haters who despise to see others do good. It will change the evil one is trying to take full advantage of others. These people could be your neighbor’s, your friends, relatives, and or your siblings etc. THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE? And I am not only speaking for myself, but my voice speaks volume for most musicians. Support, respect, and opportunity is a musician’s main objective in my opinion. We all must make a living. And music is a musician’s way of life. This sh*t is not easy, even if we are dedicated to your craft, there are still roadblocks along the way. So, for those of you whose minds are so far gone and cannot understand the logical words that are coming out of my mouth, then you know what you can do. In reference to the drama film “Hustle & Flow.” YOU GET MY DRIFT”?

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