Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Black Connect launches national legal services program

TAMPA, Fla. – Starting last week, entrepreneurs and small business owners and non-profit organizations will be able to receive free legal advice and legal assistance from a growing team of reputable law firms. Black Connect Inc., is launching its Small Business Legal Services Program (SBLS).

Partnering law firms come equipped with rich and wide-ranging business backgrounds and areas of legal expertise. The program aims to help Black Connect members minimize risks, avoid costly legal mistakes, and build sustainable businesses.

The SBLS program will operate virtually across the United States. Members may seek advice and receive assistance with business-related legal matters including, but not limited to: contracts, trademarks, copyright, patents, business formation, commercial real property, and employment law. The SBLS program will also offer virtual training on relevant legal topics.

“I developed the SBLS program based on my experience in the legal field,” says Black Connect Co-Founder and President, Angela Majette. “I have worked closely with dozens of entrepreneurs and business owners while collaborating with attorneys in business litigation, business formation, and transactional matters and, too often, the legal issues that small business owners found themselves faced with could have been avoided or minimized with proper legal guidance along the way.

“Most small business owners and entrepreneurs recognize the importance of attorney representation. However, they lack the funding to obtain the legal representation they need. The SBLS program will play an important role in educating business owners and entrepreneurs about legal issues that impact business ventures and teaching business owners how to protect and enforce their legal rights.”

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Legal services through the SBLS program are offered at no additional cost to small business, entrepreneur, sole proprietor, non-profit organization and college student members of Black Connect. Become a member of Black Connect online at blackconnect.org/join. Visit blackconnect.org for more information about the SBLS program and direct inquires to legalservices@blackconnect.org.

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Black Connect is the only national 501(c)(3) membership organization dedicated solely to eliminating the racial wealth gap in America by increasing the number and success rate of Black-owned businesses. Membership is open to small businesses, entrepreneurs, corporations, non-profit organizations, college students, and any individual that supports the mission.

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In addition to programs and services, Black Connect provides a tools-based business and social network to enable entrepreneurial activities and promote the socioeconomic growth and empowerment of the Black Community. Blackconnect.com is the most comprehensive business and social networking platform with members across the United States, Caribbean, Africa, and the United Kingdom. Download the Black Connect mobile app for Android in Google Play and IOS in the App Store.



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