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Scrub ball to educate, recognize, and honor unspoken heroes in healthcare

A three-day hybrid event designed to educate, recognize, and honor unspoken employees in the healthcare industry will take place June 17-19, 2021 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in downtown Dallas, organizers announced this week.

The Scrub Ball is being presented by the Cherry Foundation in collaboration with SIPS Consults and CS Assist. The purpose is to recognize members of the healthcare community that are seldom recognized, with an emphasis on their importance to the industry.
“We just saw a need to expand the appreciation and education for those that are often overlooked, and this is our way of thanking them.” said Karen Cherry, founder of the nonprofit foundation bearing her name.

The in-person and virtual event will offer Continuing Education Units (CEU) to workers, seminars, workshops, scholarships, and an awards gala. Awards will be given out in five categories that acknowledge healthcare workers and employees of hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics. Those categories are:


Dr. Vivien Theodore Thomas was born in Lake Providence, Louisiana in 1910. In an era when institutional racism was the norm, Thomas was classified, and paid, as a janitor, even though by the mid-1930s he was doing the work of a postdoctoral researcher.
This award will honor an entry level employee that through hard work and determination worked their way through the ranks and is today considered a leader in the health care field.


(Luis Melendez / Unsplash)


An employee who works to create broader understanding of the workplace, reduce workplace tensions and frustrations, and helps develop effective peer support roles. Selected by their peers for teamwork, attitude, attendance, and willingness to be a key Team Player.

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Someone that provides a great benefit, has done exceptionally good work, has performed some out-standing deed or functions, but has not received the credit or recognition they deserve. Highlights the person that always saves the day and steps up when needed.

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An employee that brings a smile to everyone on the team, always works to boosts team morale. Their consistent positive attitude makes a huge difference for the team. They are the first to volunteer and just having them on the team makes all the difference.

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An outstanding leader who is often recognized as the problem solver. They understand the need for policies and regulations and work hard to comply. Employee displays strong work ethics, are trustworthy, reliable, and admirable. They offer critical thinking and interpersonal communication skills that often eliminate issues before they occur.

Nominations are open starting February 15 through April 1 with forms and instructions available online at www.scrubball.org.

Registration is also limited and may be purchased online through its website. “We want and hope to bring all of the different elements of what is important in the healthcare industry to one special time and place on an annual basis,” said Cherry. She said now that the events have been planned, they will be looking for sponsors to help spread the word and lift the spirits of those on the front line. “This will allow us to say to the many workers that they are really appreciated by all segments of the community.”

Several levels that accommodate budgets for inclusion are available. Those interested in sponsorship opportunities are to contact event consultants at sponsorships@scrubball.org or review the categories on its website, www.scrubball.org


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