Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Melanie Miles

The Texas Coalition of Black Democrats (TCBD), in preparation for the 2022 and 2024 election cycles, has organized a statewide Texas Alliance of Black Political Action Committees (PACs) to engage in coordinated local, statewide and national fundraising to increase overall funding to maximize Black Democratic voter turnout through increased and enhanced voter registration, issue education, year-round voter engagement, community service and political infrastructure building and maintenance.

This historic initiative will be led by small business-owner, Melanie Miles. Miles has agreed to lead the fundraising project as part of The Coalition’s broader effort to help increase the involvement of Democratic Precinct Chairs and local and county elected officials within The Coalition and Texas Democratic Party.

In agreeing to serve as Chair of the Texas Alliance of Black PACs, Miles said, “I will be laser focused on helping to raise the funding necessary to bring change to Texas. Our state needs better, more compassionate and competent leadership and the path to achieving that goal is a stronger, more unified, energized and well-funded Black Democratic political infrastructure.


Melanie Miles

Black Democrats need the financial wherewithal to partner with our county parties across the state to maximize black voter turnout in our rural, suburban and urban counties.”
In addition to fundraising for the Texas Alliance of Black PACs, Melanie Miles has also agreed to work with The Coalition’s State Chair, Carroll G. Robinson, to assist him in an effort to help secure funding to ensure that all 254 Democratic County Parties across Texas have a full-time paid staff member to maximize the efficiency of precinct chairs in the effort to increase overall Democratic voter turnout.

Under the leadership of Miles, The Alliance will be reaching out to partner and work with all the various constituency organizations and allied groups, in the Texas Democratic Party, to maximize strategic deployment of assets, resources and investments in the Coalition’s effort to (Re)Turn Texas Blue.

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Chairman Robinson said, “TCBD greatly appreciates Melanie Miles’ commitment to helping the Coalition and other Texas Black PACs secure the resources necessary to help elect Black Democrats and grow Black voter turnout to help elect Democrats all across Texas in 2022 and 2024.”

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If you are interested in donating to or partnering and working with the Texas Alliance of Black PACs, please contact Melanie Miles at

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The Texas Coalition of Black Democrats is a political organization and we must always remember that politics is a means to an end. Our end goals must include ending poverty, hunger, homelessness, race-based health disparities, the racial wealth-income-and education gaps. Eliminating food deserts, public transportation and infrastructure inequity, as well as environmental injustices, must also be priorities of the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats.


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