Monday, May 23, 2022

Two seats contested in Irving City Council election

By Breanne Holley

NDG Contributing Writer
This year there are four candidates from Irving in the May 1st Election.
To start with there is Mosa Sunil for City Council Place 4. He is a 2002 graduate in Electronics from Coyne America College, Chicago and has been married to his wife Priya since 2001.
They have three children together. He has been a longtime resident of the City of Irving running a successful business and providing jobs to the community.
Sunil says his policies will “support solutions for the neighborhood improvement and ensure opportunities for community dialogue.” He “wants to promote small business by providing jobs and ensure social justice and development by providing equal opportunities to citizens and promote healthy lifestyles. (”
Phil Riddle is running for Place 4 as well and was re-elected to the Irving City Council in May 2018 for his second term. He is a longtime resident as well, graduating from Irving High School in 1967 and then earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from the University of Texas in 72.’
(Photo: Steve Rainwater / Flickr

He had successful career with the Irving Fire Department for 32 years starting in 1978 and then retired as a captain in 2010. Riddle is married to his wife Pat with three children who attend school in the Irving School District. His online bio states, “Riddle is the chair to the Public Safety Committee and serves on the Community Services Committee and the Transportation and Natural Resources Committee. He is also the council liaison to the Housing and Human Services Board. ”

David Palmer is running for his third and final term for Irving City Council, Place 8. He emphasizes infrastructure for the City of Irving and supports the road to the future program for better roads for the city. He has an undergraduate degree in accounting a law degree and a Master’s in Business Administration. He runs a company in Irving with 53 employees.

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He says he wants to rework the healthcare system in Irving with changes to deductibles, copays and prescription plans. Palmer  says when the new plan was first in place the claims dropped by $6 million to $22 million and says the city has saved about $15 million total and he intends to keep making it affordable for the people of Irving. He also supports the Fireman’s pension plan and all pension plans and compensation for employees of the city.
Dennis Web is also running for Place 8 on the Irving City Council. He served on the council before for a nine year term limit. He said he is running again because he desires to continue serving the people of Irving and because many people have asked him to run.

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He says he is not running against David Palmer but is running for the only seat that is available to him this election cycle. He believes that he is an asset to the city because of his leadership experience in organization and churches of over 35 years.
He has experience as a municipal employee and Grand Prairie firefighter. He has rehabbed homes in the Bear Creek community and believes affordable homes can be built in Irving. He says he could live anywhere he pleases but has chosen Irving as the home for his family. He intends to help with crisis of homelessness in Irving and that there needs to be a plan to respond to the humanitarian need and believes he is the best candidate to meet that effort.

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