Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Rep. Sherman’s monumental Bo’s Law passes in Texas Senate

AUSTIN — House Bill 929 passed yet another watershed moment Monday night on the Senate floor when State Representative Carl O. Sherman (D-109) saw Bo’s Law pass.

The show of solidarity between both parties continued just as on the House Floor last week when Texas Senators passed Bo’s Law last night thereby standing together in relation to the issue of body cameras worn by peace officers.

“The moment the Botham Jean Act was passed unanimously in the Senate sending Bo’s Law directly to the Governor’s desk was a moment of overwhelming elation,” said State Representative Carl O. Sherman Tuesday morning. “After working tirelessly with multiple organizations, individuals and agencies with a single focus of establishing systemic accountability in policing, it was exhilarating to say the least to report the passage to the Jean family. The senate’s actions served as a strong reminder of Botham’s authentic inclination of invoking the Spirit of the Lord to rise among us – even in the Capitol. I am convinced that the passage of Bo’s Law is the embodiment of Botham’s transcendent spirit of truth and transparency, which was played out every step of the process of getting this Bill to this point.”


Celebrating at the renaming ceremony for Botham Jean Blvd. are (left to right) Rep. Carl O. Sherman, Allison Jean (Botham Jean’s mother), Bertram Jean (Botham Jean’s father). (Courtesy photo)

With its bi-partisan support Representative Sherman added that from the beginning the aim of HB 929 was to ensure truth and accountability prevail in the profession of law enforcement. With the signing of this key piece of legislation that means “we are one step closer to a safer community for all.”

Allison Jean, Botham Jean’s mother commented from her home in St. Lucia “The news of the passage of the Botham Jean Act “Bo’s Law” by the Senate on Monday, May 24, 2021 came with much elation by my family! We deem this a tremendous step in seeking to correct some of the systemic issues that plague our society and cause corrupt police officers to walk away scotch-free after committing heinous acts on innocent people.”

Jean said that though the original contents of the Bill were drastically removed, she said it is still expected that, as time progresses, Texas Law Makers will see merit in strengthening this Law to ensure that law enforcement carry out their duty with honesty, dignity, and maintain their sworn oath to protect and serve.

“My family will continue to fight for justice for Botham and for all innocent men and women, boys and girls who have been killed at the hands of police officers in the United States and around the world,” Jean added. “I wish to thank Representative Carl Sherman and his team for their persistence in seeing this Law through and look forward to standing with this team as they seek to improve the lives of Texans through the legislative process.”
Bo’s Law now heads to Governor Greg Abbott’s desk for final signing into law during this 87th Legislative session.

House Bill 929 “Bo’s Law” was also joint authored by Representative Sherman’s colleagues on both side of the aisle including Representatives Matt Krause, Jacey Jetton, Eddie Rodriguez, and Ron Reynolds.


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