Monday, July 4, 2022

A celebration of fatherhood

As we catch up with a father we have spotlighted before; let us take a moment to see what is new in the life of Dr. Simeon Udunka. In March of 2020 we ran an article that highlighted this father of three sons appearing in the Neiman Marcus Children’s Spring Fashion Show. This was the fifth time Udunka and his sons participated in the event.

Just like most events throughout the past year across the world the fashion show was canceled. Even though a fashion show is not the most important thing in life it had become a father and son tradition for Udunka and his sons. Dr. Udunka and his beautiful wife Chioma have three sons Simeon III (age 5), Isaiah (age 4) and Malachi (age 2).

Just like most families, the year 2020 was quite the challenge due to the COVID19 pandemic. Dr. Udunka and his wife discuss how they were negatively impacted which included family members and friends who either died or became seriously ill from the COVID 19 virus.


Dr. Simeon Udunka and his wife Chioma are expecting a fourth addition to their growing family. (Courtesy photo)

As a result of the deadly implications and the increasing number of confirmed cases of COVID19 Dr. Udunka says he and his wife had to make serious changes to their normal routine. When the Dallas County Commission mandated nonessential businesses to close to prevent the spread of the virus he complied as a business owner.

Dr. Udunka is the practice owner of Affordable Dentures & Implants in Cedar Hill, TX & Wisdom Teeth Concierge which has different locations. His dental practices provide extractions, dentures, implants services, and wisdom teeth removal. Udunka said he felt a responsibility to implement safety protocols even when he reopened to aid in eliminating the spread. The other decision that has been a huge sacrifice is the kids not returning to daycare since March of last year.

All three kids have been home schooled with the assistance of a teacher and Dr. Udunka credits his wife for making the ultimate sacrifice to help home school their children while working from home. Mrs. Udunka is an executive for a healthcare agency and still manages to juggle it all.

Dr. Udunka believes that he has learned to be a better father this year. He says while they were quarantined, he made the best of his uninterrupted time with his sons. He assembled a trampoline for his boys to have unlimited time to jump on, took daily walks with his family every morning, and was able to teach them how to safely ride their scooters and bikes without crashing. One of his proudest accomplishments is helping to get his two-year-old son Malachi successfully potty trained.

Udunka emphasizes that everyone should cherish the times they have with their families. The one thing the pandemic has proven to all of us is that life is not guaranteed. Dr. Udunka has been vaccinated for COVID19 and is an advocate to his patients and community to get vaccinated.

Udunka believes he gets his allegiance to the community and giving back from his mother. He is adamant about making a difference in the life of his sons. He says he will be actively involved in legislative initiatives and opportunities that are designed to correct the social injustices that negatively impact the black community. And on a final bright note, Dr. Udunka and his wife are ecstatic about the new bundle of joy they will be welcoming this summer which will be a baby girl!


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