Tuesday, July 27, 2021

‘Old School’ cruises to tennis win at Juneteenth Exhibition

Barbeque is typically the way many celebrate Juneteenth each year.

But this year, family and friends were able to attend Camp Wisdom’s Juneteenth Tennis Exhibition held at Kiest Tennis Center in Dallas.

The inaugural event featured doubles match between Adia and Aliya Larzeia and Gemeral Berry and Rev. James Minor, retired.

The Larzeia siblings were this year’s Carter High School doubles district champions. The match was a church fundraiser for youth and one other ministry.


From left, Aliya and Adia Larzeia, Gemeral Berry, Jr. and Rev. James Minor. (Courtesy photos)

The match up was billed as “New School” verses “Old School.” This time, “Old School” experience overcame the young champions, 6-0 and 60.

“It was a wonderful event,” said Rev. Lesta Anderson, pastor at Camp Wisdom.

“I thought the idea for these two teams playing was truly a different way for us to celebrate our heritage. Plus, it just so happened to be the day the country recognized it as a national holiday.”

Recently, President Joe Biden signed into law that Juneteenth is now a federal holiday.
“We didn’t know the law would be passed,” finance chair Gemeral Berry said. “But perhaps this means that Dallas is the first city in the country to hold a Juneteenth tennis exhibition. Isn’t that something.”

Perhaps as many as 30 people attended. The charity was a financial success, Berry said, and he hopes the tennis exhibition will catch on even more next year.


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