Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Building a Mighty Team

By Sister Tarpley
NDG Religion Editor

“These are the names of David’s mighty men . . .”
(2 Samuel 23:8)

David and Jesus pulled together two teams that were the most unlikely guys to accomplish what they achieved.

David’s small army of men became known as “David’s Mighty Men” because of their extraordinary exploits. However, they were the rejects of society.


Lillie & Charles Lawrence. after 66 years of marriage, four children: Charlander Parker, Cynthia Lawrence, Colette Grant and Charles F. Lawrence, 8 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.

Jesus’ team was made up of common men who would never have been chosen by other rabbis’. They would have been men who would not have qualified for mentorship by most rabbis’ of their day.

Yet, they were chosen by the superstar of up and coming rabbis’ – Jesus. We can learn three key things about David and how he related to his Mighty Men.

First, David’s men came to him as a result of battle. They had fought together and learned first-hand from one another’s capabilities.

They had covered one another’s backside on several occasions. And they trusted each other.

Second, David modeled servant leadership with his men. When three of his mighty men risked their lives to obtain drinking water for him during a battle, David refused to drink it, choosing instead to pour it out onto the ground.

This no doubt made a big impression on his men and only drew greater devotion to him because of his own sacrifice.

Finally, David and his men experienced God-size victories when they were the underdogs. The fought bigger armies and more resourceful enemies themselves. They saw God’s hand in their victories.

Keep these things in mind as you build your own team of prayer people. Learn from the management styles of David and Jesus by modeling their servant-leadership.

This is a day that people go to the malls and outlets to spend money than any other day of the year after the pandemic. There are sales to catch, gifts to buy . . . and debts to incur.
Ask God, to give us an extra nudge today and wisdom and a desire to live within our means today and in the days to come.

God gave us a very special gift because of His love for us. And we should not give to others out of a sense of duty, but because we love or appreciate them.

Ask God to help us remember that the gifts we may buy are nowhere near as important as the gifts of our time and love.

Tell God that you want to enjoy the simple pleasures of life . . . and make time for friends and family.

Thank God for His priceless gift of His Son, and the salvation He so lovingly provided for you in the precious name of Jesus.


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