Friday, August 12, 2022

Sen. Royce West

Senator Royce West announced today that he will seek re-election as State Senator representing Dallas County for Texas Senate District 23 (D23). Senator West was first elected in November 1992 and began his duties in the Texas Senate in January 1993. He currently ranks fourth in Senate seniority.

“Since first walking onto the floor in the Senate Chamber, I have treated this office, your office, with the seriousness and commitment that the citizens of Dallas County deserve,” said Senator West. “It is a tremendous honor that Dallas County voters have continued to send me back to Austin and that trust has translated into results that I think have gone beyond county lines to benefit people across Texas.

“Early on, I decided to help champion the cause of public education in Texas, because I believe education to be the rising tide that can elevate our young people to reach their full potential, Senator West said.

“I’ve also been at the forefront of efforts to ensure that coming generations of Texans have had access to a quality higher education experience. The creation of UNT-Dallas stands in testament. At the same time, I realize that not everyone will attend college, so I’ve been a friend of the trades and vocational education. Texas needs craftsmen and technicians too.


Sen. Royce West

“I’ve listened to constituent’s concerns and that led me to find a way to help provide financial assistance to seniors and grandparents who have extended their love to provide a home for their grandchildren,” said Senator West. “But we didn’t stop listening there. Now, through legislation I was able to pass, relatives can receive financial support and even adopt younger family members who otherwise may have entered the foster care system.

“I have attempted to help level the playing field for minority-owned businesses, including the creation of “The Doing Business Texas Style” Spot Bid Fair that brought state agencies to Dallas, contract opportunities in hand,” Senator West stated. “And we were at the forefront of writing and re-writing Texas laws to provide a second chance for those who have made a mistake, but want to work to improve their lives and those of their families. Along this journey has come legislation that placed cameras in police cars and on Texas law enforcement officers.”

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As a result of the 2020 Census, each of the 31 Texas Senate districts will now represent more than 954,000 citizens. Senator West says he looks forward to meeting new D23 constituents and continuing to work on behalf of the people and Dallas County businesses that help North Texas power the Texas economy. Senator West currently serves on standing Senate Finance, Education, Higher Education and Transportation Committees.


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