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Thirsting After God

By Sister Tarpley
NDG Religion Editor

. . .”Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit”
– 2 Kings 2:9

The first requirement to move in greater power and authority in God is to hunger for it. Yet, even this hunger is born from God. Elisha hungered after God.

Elisha saw many miracles as Elijah’s servant. But, he wanted more. He wanted a double portion of Elijah’s spirit. When he asked Elijah for this, the prophet responded, “You have asked a difficult thing.”


Tyanna Donnice Lott, graduate of TWU in Denton, TX

It wasn’t because it couldn’t be granted. Elijah knew that with great anointing came a great weight of responsibility and difficulty.

Second, humility comes before honor. Elisha was known as the “servant of Elijah.” How would you like to be known as “the servant of John”? Your name is not even mentioned.
This was the preparation of Elisha. It has been the preparation of many men of God.

Consider Joseph, the servant of Pharaoh. Consider David, the servant of Saul.

Third, Elisha committed himself totally to his calling. The Scripture says when Elisha was called to join Elijah, the younger man left his farm business completely. He slaughtered his oxen and had a great feast for the community.

It was all or nothing. He could not fall back on his farm trade if his new venture didn’t work. This demonstrates Elisha’s pioneer spirit in stepping out, not knowing what was ahead.

Do you want greater anointing in God? “You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart. I will be found by you” (Jeremiah 29:13-14a). Begin thirsting for God’s anointing in your heart today. This is the starting place.

Talk to God, and tell Him that you want a REAL relationship with Him, that you want to hear His voice, to feel His presence, to walk with Him each and every day. Ask Him to help you put Him first in your life. To help you to minister in one accord with my brothers and sisters in Christ . . . with the team that He has assembled for His glory.

Then thank Him for hearing your prayer and for working His will in your life; in Jesus’ name pray.


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