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Dallas Children’s Theater ‘Teen Scene Players’ present 10 Seconds

What does a complex situation look like when given time and a willingness to understand all perspectives? Dallas Children’s Theater’s (DCT) newest play, 10 SECONDS, recommended for ages 13 and up, aims to encourage reflection and de-escalation in a world where deeply-rooted biases and misperceptions easily take hold.

Performed by an all-teen cast, the play reflects the complex world these young people are growing up in, and does so with empathy and appreciation for their perspectives and that of those in law enforcement.

There will be three public performances starting April 29 and tickets are an accessible $10 per person. If anyone needs a comp ticket to see the show, they should call 214-740-0051 because it is important to DCT that everyone have an opportunity to see this production.

In 10 Seconds, Ray and Jimi are Washington, DC high school students who are navigating their young adult worlds and what it means to be young black men in the city. Ray tells the story of a day, and the 10 seconds inside that day, that they will never forget. We see not only their perspectives, but also those of the police they encounter.

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Through audience engagement and interactive moments, the play provides opportunities for reflection and discussion. Each performance will be followed by a talkback facilitated by Visions for Change’s Denise Lee and Thomas Collier and featuring helpful subject matter resources from law enforcement and area youth groups. This play was originally commissioned by Imagination Stage in Bethesda, MD.

“Anyone interested in experiencing what it’s like to acknowledge the presence of various points of view and truly explore the perspectives of other humans in their own lives should consider seeing this production,” states director Richard Quadri, who, when not directing around Dallas, serves as Theatre Director at Sudie L. Williams TAG Academy in Dallas ISD.
“With the resources we’ve been given, my objective is to make this as immersive of an experience as possible. The audience should perceive the world through Ray’s eyes,”

Quadri continues. “We hope that viewers are confronted with multiple perspectives as a result of Ray’s frequent asides and the connection he establishes with the audience, and that they leave with at least a sliver of the idea that judging a book by its cover is a very slippery slope, and that if we continue to champion ideas that allow society to impose stereotypes and judgment on others without making any attempts to see the world from their perspective, we may face disastrous consequences,” Quadri adds.

It is human nature to react, and many often react without thinking. Understanding consequences, de-escalation and methods of emotional regulation are fundamental, and can even save lives.

“Nearly eight billion lives are continuously colliding on this planet for better or worse,” Quadri illustrates. “Perhaps things might go a bit more smoothly if we allow ourselves to walk in the shoes of another more often.”

This play is produced by DCT’s Senior Social Justice Strategist Denise Lee, who is also the founder of Visions for Change, and is endorsed by the DCT Board of Directors and financially supported by:

The Melinda and Jim Johnson Family, The MR and Evelyn Hudson Foundation, Neiman Marcus, North Texas Cares, Deborah and Craig Sutton/Rasa Floors, and The March Family Foundation.

The production runs April 29-May 1 and is recommended for audiences aged 13 and up.

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