Friday, March 24, 2023

Local organization, Mommies in Need,’ will debut podcast on May 2

Local childcare non-profit Mommies in Need will debut a new podcast, “Culture of Caring with Natalie Boyle” on May 2.

Hosted by Mommies in Need Founder and CEO Natalie Boyle, the first 12 episode season of the podcast will address issues in the childcare, healthcare, and nonprofit spaces, while tying in elements of fun and education to every episode.

The first episode will cover the history of Mommies in Need and the personal mission of founder Natalie Boyle, followed by episodes covering the organization’s five values: authenticity, compassion, innovention, collaboration, and being extraordinary.

The only nonprofit of its type in the nation, Mommies in Need hopes to improve access to healthcare by removing lack of childcare as a reason to miss preventative, general, and emergency appointments.

Larry Crayton / Unsplash

Mommies in Need cares for kids so their families can access healthcare, primarily servicing patients of Parkland Hospital while they receive medical treatment.

Children are welcomed to Annie’s Place, a childcare facility at 2131 Butler Street that opened in November of 2020. The organization also offers care for children of emergency room patients, the siblings of children receiving medical care, and in-home care for families in need.

“The world has been an unpredictable and often frightening place these last few years, but our guests are the helpers, the shining lights, the kind voices, and the inspirational leaders who are working to improve their community,” Boyle said of the podcast. “Join us as we hear their stories, share a few laughs (and an occasional tear), and leave each episode feeling a little bit lighter.”

Those interested in sponsoring Culture of Caring with Natalie Boyle or appearing as a guest on the podcast may reach out to the team at
Tune into Culture of Caring with Natalie Boyle on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts beginning May 2.


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