Friday, December 2, 2022

Gearing up for early vote, community meals hosted by BlackTOP, Texas For All help hundreds of Black Texan voters make a plan to vote

(Fort Worth, Fort Bend and Beaumont, Texas) – TOP PAC’s BlackTOP and the Texas for All Coalition helped hundreds of Black Texan voters make their plans to vote on Saturday.
The planning took place at community meals hosted by BlackTOP in Fort Bend and Beaumont, and a third meal in Fort Worth where they were joined by the Texas for All Coalition. The events featured live music, art and other family-friendly entertainment.

Attendees overflowed the events, surpassing organizers’ expectations and demonstrating the enthusiasm of Black voters across the state for the midterm elections.

Guests were treated to a free meal at each location, with local restaurants like Mikki’s in Fort Bend or Richard’s Cafe in Beaumont, and chefs like Lake Como’s own Kenneth Spencer in Fort Worth, playing an important role in bringing the community together.

“It turned into a block party,” said one BlackTOP organizer of the Fort Worth event.


(Courtesy photo)

The most important part of each event was making a plan to vote.

“I tell folks, let’s make a plan and get out early so whatever barriers come up, you might have an opportunity to deal with them,” said BlackTOP Statewide Training Coordinator Terrance “TK” Koontz.

“Texas is home to the largest number of Black registered voters and our goal is to inspire Black voters in the 2022 election cycle to turn-out in record numbers and help deliver progressive, statewide wins. Wins that will translate into policy changes–like expansion of healthcare, a more just legal system and protection of voting rights. These community meals are one way for us to help make sure everybody can get to the polls and make their voices heard,” said Texas Organizing Project’s co-Executive Director Brianna Brown.

“Texas for All is not just watching Tarrant County from a distance, we’re kicking off our program here and are on the ground to join this community in demanding a representative democracy. The Black community in Lake Como is worth leadership that is in tune with this community’s needs. From Brownsville to Uvalde to Fort Worth, our elected leaders have long prioritized private interests over those of the community. Today is another day of us showing up for each other and we’re looking forward to making a plan to vote with hundreds of voters here today,” said Sissi Yado, Executive Director of the Texas4All Coalition.

Both BlackTOP and the Texas for All Coalition will be out in communities doing the work to turn Black voters out to the polls this November.

Members of the BlackTOP and Texas for All teams are also available for interviews; please reach out to with interview requests or for more information.

BlackTOP was built on the premise that the future of Texas rests in organizing Black folks across the state and getting US to the polls. With offices in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio, BlackTOP will soon launch canvassing programs across multiple counties to talk to, organize and mobilize the Black voters whose votes will decide the results of the 2022 election.

Texas for All is a 501c4 coalition made up of 12 organizations dedicated to building cross-movement political efforts and multiracial progressive governing power in Texas. Partners include Texas Organizing Project, Battleground Texas Engagement Fund, Texas Freedom Network, Planned Parenthood Texas Votes, Texas AFL-CIO and Workers Defense Action Fund.


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