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DBDT expands audience access with launch of on-demand collection

Dallas Black Dance Theatre (DBDT) continues its expansion and building of new audiences around the globe with the launch of DBDT On-Demand Collection, its library of works performed by DBDT, DBDT: Encore!, and DBDT Academy. Since July 2020, DBDT has been presenting selected works from its repertoire via on-demand, with patrons from 34 countries and 38 states purchasing virtual performances.

Melissa M. Young, DBDT’s Artistic Director, has selected a collection of audience favorites to feature during Black History Month 2023 and will continue to add to the catalog of DBDT’s On-Demand Collection in the future.

Three of the most dynamic works available for viewing now are “Beams from Heaven” by Christopher L. Huggins, “Nineteenth” by Nycole Ray, and “Awassa Astrige/Ostrich” by Asadata Dafora. Complimentary bonus videos will be included in the collection as well.

Since 70 percent of their virtual audience is from 200 miles outside of Dallas, 60% from outside of Texas, and 40 percent are new audience members, DBDT’s executive director Zenetta S. Drew explains they want to share their most beloved dance works with audiences who may not be able to see performances in person.


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DBDT patrons, near and far, appreciate the virtual element. Erin McLaughlin writes, “Keep offering virtual options so supporters worldwide can watch! The virtual productions are incredible! I loved being able to watch from Seattle, and the quality was way above what I expected!” Carol Jackson explained, “More performances in person and virtually! I hope you continue to have on-demand and virtual performances in the future. They allow everyone, in spite of mobility, health, or age, to enjoy your aesthetic beauty.”

Dallas Black Dance Theatre (DBDT) also recently launched a new digital guide on Bloomberg Connects, the free arts and cultural app created by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Dallas Black Dance Theatre is the first dance company available on the app but joins more than 160 other cultural organizations with guides available on Bloomberg Connects. The arts app makes Dallas Black Dance Theatre accessible for either onsite or offsite visits through video, and photo features about the company‘s performances, history, leadership, dancers, innovation, choreographers, touring calendar, and glimpses behind the scenes.

The app platform is part of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ longstanding commitment to supporting digital innovation in the arts. Bloomberg Connects makes it easy to access and engage with arts and culture from mobile devices when visiting in person or anytime from anywhere. With dynamic content exclusive to each partner organization, the app provides a range of features, including video, audio, and text; expert commentary; and way-finding maps.

To view the DBDT On-Demand Collection of works, visit DBDT.com/On-Demand Collection, and the Bloomberg app is available for download from Google Play or the App Store or by visiting Bloombergconnects.org.

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