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African American and local author Kiwitta Paschal writes a children’s book with a strong and positive message

By: Jackie Hardy
NDG Contributing Writer

Newly published author, Kiwitta Paschal has joined the almost 6 percent of African American writers with his recent children’s book entitled: “The Mighty Mountain.”

“I recall praying for ideas a number of years ago for something of value that would be impactful to people, build a legacy for my family; and God imparted a parable about a mountain to my mind and I couldn’t shake it,” adds Paschal on what motivated him to write his first children’s book.

‘The Mighty Mountain '' was a self-published project as Paschal started his own publishing company called, Blkpawn Publishing to create a platform where authors, especially those that look like him could share their stories.

“I firmly believe in providing visual representations of success to all children, but especially children of color,” he advises.

In fact, Paschal feels that if he can inspire just one child to become an author then he has done his job.

Suffice to say he has already done that as his daughter, Kelsee has written her first book under the Blkpawn Publishing moniker entitled, "Cookie-Day-Cookie-Day" and was released on National Cookie Day.

Per Paschal, the story was inspired by his daughter’s love of baking as it centers on a young girl who is inspired to make cookies for her family.

Paschal’s own book, “The Mighty Mountain,” gives its young readers a message of understanding their value and worth.


Kiwitta Paschal (Courtesy photo)

The book uniquely tells a story of how identity and purpose is found in God. It touches on the challenges of what the process of coming to know your worth and value looks like and how it sometimes isn't as easily identified.

With anxiety among children at an all time high, Paschal’s book is a message that is timely and needed. According to a statement by the United States Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy:

“Mental health challenges in children, adolescents, and young adults are real and widespread. Even before the pandemic, an alarming number of young people struggled with feelings of helplessness, depression, and thoughts of suicide — and rates have increased over the past decade.”

“The message that I want to resonate with my audience is to find your identity and hope in God even within life’s challenges,” states Paschal regarding the message that inspired the story.

He further explains how we are innately wired to feel valued and oftentimes we associate our value and worth in how useful or needed we are to others.

For example, Paschal assesses having an identity that's centered around feeling needed by others can be a concern because when adversity or circumstances arise that hinder a person’s ability to serve could prompt feelings of unworthiness.

“When adversity hits, how do you respond when you are no longer able to do the things you placed your worth in? Who do you become? The message of this story centers around a truth that I hold, which is that our identity is found in God and who He designed us to be,” he states.

Paschal shared how the response to his book has been overwhelmingly positive. He disclosed the book has been sold in over a half dozen countries around the world.
It is his hope the message from his book will resonate with people over a lifetime much like past classical children’s literature such as: “The Little Engine that Could,” “The Giving Tree, or the “Hungry Caterpillar.”

‘It still blows my mind that my book is international. The stories that warm my heart the most are when I am told ‘The Mighty Mountain’ is their child’s favorite book, the one they want to read over and over…”

Paschal has learned many lessons in publishing his first children’s book and his advice to other minorities with aspirations to publish their story is pretty practical as he explains the importance of telling your unique story is similar to the variety of brands of bread offered at a grocery store and although the competitors offer similar types of bread there continues to be a demand for each one because every customer has different taste and needs.

“Your style and approach are perfect for what someone is looking for, he surmises.”

“The Mighty Mountain” is just the beginning of several projects Paschal plans to release as he shared how he is working on a book geared for graduates transitioning to college as well as another children’s book on the topic of faith and he has a vision for a series of books that will help educate children on career options and how these careers make a positive impact on society.

Paschal is also trying to make his book more accessible to the general public by encouraging those within our community to request his book be added to their local library’s catalog of books.

Retailers and/or churches can also email sales@blkpawnpublishing.com to request his book to add to their inventory.

For public speaking or reading engagements, contact ki.paschal@blkpawnpublishing.com. To sign up for his newsletter or to purchase a book directly from Blkpawn Publishing, visit blkpawnpublishing.com or you can purchase the book on all major online retail bookstores like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookshop, or Books-a-Million.

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