Monday, August 10, 2020

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The Boneyard deliver frights – even at your home

Some may be surprised that Halloween is second only to Christmas in terms of spending and sixth in overall holiday spending. But Dan Hall, creator of The Boneyard Haunted House in Arlington, isn’t surprised. He said costumes bring back childhood memories for many, “Halloween is the only time of the year that everyone lets their guard down.”

Zebra Pen Supports City of Hope with Pink Ribbon Pen

Zebra Pen Corp. supports City of Hope, a world-renowned medical research and treatment organization, with proceeds from its custom Clip-on™ Pink Ribbon Retractable Two-Color Pen.

Open Letter to President Barack Obama

My name is Raymond D. Beasley. After seeing the partisan attack against your Back-to-School message to encourage our youth to stay in school and not fail themselves or their country, I decided to come out of the shadows to report to you how obtaining a higher education in prison provided me with opportunity today.

Law Abiding Citizen Delivers Justice – By Any Means Necessary

When a home invasion victim powerlessly witnesses the rape of his wife, then watches the deviant pick up his little girl and go into another room before he loses consciousness – is it too much to expect justice from the system? It can be if young a hot shot prosecutor is more concerned with protecting his nearly perfect conviction rate. But once justice is denied, how far is too far in seeking justice?

Family & Friends Celebrate the Life & Ministry of Garland Leader

A native of Dallas, son, husband, father, friend and a star athlete are just a few ways one could describe Dr. Roosevelt Eric Almond Griffin, Sr. However, he would prefer others to remember that he was a Servant of God and student of His Word. His warmth, generous and friendly spirit drew children and adults alike to St. Mark Baptist Church in Garland, the church he began in 1976 with his wife, Mrs. Linda Griffin.

Pamela’s Dream Home Becomes Plano Housing Rehabilitation Happy Ending

For years, Pamela Monday had been living in the 661-square-feet home she inherited from her beloved mother. It was built in 1953 and lacked many of the modern amenities and conveniences. Pamela's disability and lack of resources prevented her from being able to repair and modernize her home.

NTJCC Students Help Preserve Local History In Virginia

(NDG Wire) Two students from the North Texas Job Corps Center joined six other Job Corps students from Aug. 24-Sept. 4 to help preserve a bit of Virginia’s post-Civil War history.

Friday Blues: Jobless Situation Getting Worse

(NNPA) The bureau of labor statistics issues a report, The employment situation, on the first Friday of every month ( for the past several months, the report has contained no surprises. We know the jobless situation is getting worse, and we only wait for their statistical confirmation of our pain.


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