Saturday, November 28, 2020
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Truth Clinic: Searching For Peace On Earth And Good Will To All

The world will never be at peace, till peace has found a home in the heart of each and every man; till every man understands for himself the divine natural order ordained by God and acts according to that natural order.

AARP report links African-American women’s hair styles, level of physical activity

A new report released by the AARP finds that for many African-American women, not being able to manage their hair style is a key barrier to exercise. The report suggests that brisk walking for 10 minutes at a time, for a total of 150 minutes a week, can keep Black women active and alleviate some of the hair issues that come with more vigorous workouts.

Supreme Court ruling to aid Judge’s decision in case against Dallas Mayor Pro Tem corruption trial

don hill US District Court Judge Barbara Lynn is considering overturning two verdicts in motions filed challenging the convictions of former Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Don and wife Sheila Hill in the largest public corruption trial in city of Dallas history. At the hearing on the motions, Judge Lynn expressed an inclination to grant the lawyers’ motion to set aside the convictions for conspiracy to commit deprivation of honest services.

Black Joblessness Becoming Showdown Between Black Leaders and Black President

obama African-American joblessness – nearly twice the national rate - is quickly becoming the first showdown between Black leaders and the nation’s first Black president as national Black and civil right leaders raise their voices telling the Obama Administration it’s time to end the jobs crisis in the Black community. Do you agree it is time to put pressure on the Obama Administration to begin to address the job problem - specifically in the African American community?

Record Number of African Americans Go Hungry

hungerNearly 26 percent of African American households are challenged in providing a meal for their families. The wealthiest nation in the world is losing ground in the battle against hunger throughout the country. The North Texas Food Bank points out the USDA Household Food Insecurity report ranked Texas as the second highest state for food insecurity behind only Miss., with 1.4 million Texas households at risk of hunger - - representing a jump from 14.8 percent to 16.3 since the last study. Nationally, 49 million Americans (including nearly 17 million children) are food insecure - - a staggering increase of 36 percent over the numbers released one year ago.

AIDS Has Disappeared…

Why has HIV/AIDS seemingly disappeared from the national spotlight?

National March on Small Town: Fight is on for Walmart Line-Cutter Facing 15 Years

NAACP2Does Heather Ellis, or anyone for that matter, deserve to face a felony charge and up to 15 years in prision for cutting in a line at a Walmart? A single moment or decision can change the direction of your life. Ellis, a former college student who planned to attend medical school knows this lesson all too well. Many feel the punishment is too severe and plan to take to the street for a rally on November 16. But do the facts warrant the outrage?

Dallas Maverick Fan to Win Ultimate “Insider” Experience

image001HP and the Dallas Mavericks have just one question: Are YOU the Ultimate Fan? If you are, enter to win a chance for behind-the-scenes access to the team and HP TouchSmart tools to document your experience with the team.

Pamela’s Dream Home Becomes Plano Housing Rehabilitation Happy Ending

For years, Pamela Monday had been living in the 661-square-feet home she inherited from her beloved mother. It was built in 1953 and lacked many of the modern amenities and conveniences. Pamela's disability and lack of resources prevented her from being able to repair and modernize her home.

FBI Arrests Jordanian Citizen for Attempting to Bomb Skyscraper in Downtown Dallas

(NDG Wire) James T. Jacks, the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas, and Robert E. Casey, Jr., Special Agent in Charge for the Dallas Office of the FBI, announced today that Hosam Maher Husein Smadi, 19, has been arrested and charged in a federal criminal complaint with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction.