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Dallas Children’s Theater opens its doors for in-person summer classes, virtual classes still an option

Summer has always been a special and busy time for Dallas Children’s Theater (DCT) and this year will be no exception. While the setup will be adjusted to suit the safety and health requirements of the times, DCT will be reopening its doors for limited in-person classes this summer, as well as offering virtual classes for families who would prefer that option.

Interested persons can go to dct.org to check out the lineup.

The following classes will be offered in person:
• One Week Camp – 1st-2nd or 3rd-4th grades
• Four Day Mini Session – 1st-2nd or 3rd-4th or 5th-6th grades
• Musical Theater – 5th-6th grades
• Acting – 5th-6th or 7th-12th grades
• Makin’ Movies – 5th- 6th grades
• Costume Workshop – 6th & up grades
• LOL Comedy 5th-6th grades
• Musical Theater Master Class – 7th-12th grades
• Movie Making For Teens – 7th-12th grades
• Triple Threat Boot Camp – 7th-12th grades
• Musical Theater Showcase – 7th-12th grades
• Improv – 7th-12th grades
• Acting And Scenework – 7th-12th grades

The following classes will be offered virtually:
VIRTUAL STORY DRAMA – ages 4-5 (must be 4 by first day of class)
VIRTUAL ACTING WORKSHOP – for students entering grades 1st-2nd or 3rd-4th or 5th-6th
VIRTUAL ACTING: ONE WEEK SCENE WORK- entering grades 7th-12th in Fall 2021


(Dallas Children’s Theater)

Director of Education Nancy Schaeffer (who was also recently named DCT’s new Artistic Director) said that the DCT team is excited to get back in the swing of things.

According to Schaeffer, “We have spent a lot of time talking with colleagues around the country about the best ways to make in-person camps work, and we’re ready. Now more than ever, social and emotional development is really important for our kids, and I’m so proud to be a part of an organization that nurtures that in a unique and special way. I expect that the families that join us in person for the summer will definitely see their spirits lifted by the human connections that are made.”

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Dallas Children’s Theater is committed to the safety and well-being of all students and staff and some of the summer camp measures to ensure a safe and fun environment for everyone include:

• A greatly reduced student to teacher ratio.

• Classes will not intermingle or be in the same rooms.

• Masks must be worn by all students and teachers and staff at all times except during lunch.

• Class activities have been modified to comply with social distancing guidelines so that students and teachers can remain at least six feet apart. At lunch time, students will have assigned seating and continue to social distance.

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• Bathroom breaks will be staggered.

• There will be minimal movement in the building. Most students will remain in the same room during their class.

• There will be no in-person performances on the final class day. For selected classes, student performances will be recorded and shared with parents.

• No parents, guests, or visitors may enter the building at any time.

• There will be no sharing of class supplies or costumes or props.

• Hand sanitizer will be available in all spaces and frequent hand washing will be encouraged.

• Cleaning protocols will include enhanced janitorial cleaning with extra focus on more heavily occupied areas and high-touch surfaces. There will also be increased availability of cleaning solutions to employees for cleaning and sanitizing their workspaces and high-touch areas. Additionally, we will prop open doors as security allows to avoid creating high-touch areas.

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• A deep and thorough disinfection cleaning will follow each session.

• DCT has increased HVAC circulation as feasible (we have installed all new MERV13 air filters, in addition to recently installed HVAC units).

• If a student or staff member becomes ill, they will be separated from the class and their parents notified to pick them up immediately.

• If a student or staff member or teacher reports a positive COVID-19 test during the week, that specific class will shift to a virtual format for the remainder of the session. Please note – we will not offer refunds if we must shift a class to a virtual format.

• Parents are required to alert DCT of any positive COVID-19 test results in their household immediately. Parents are also asked to keep students at home if they are ill or experiencing any symptoms.

Upon entering the DCT parking lot, cars will be directed to designated drop-off spots for each class. At each check-in spot, a DCT staff member will check the temperature of the student. On the first day of camp, the staff member will confirm that we have received the Health Check Form. On subsequent days, they will ask if there have been any changes. Only students enrolled in DCT classes will be permitted to enter the building. Students who have not submitted the Health Check Form on the first day or who have a temperature of 100oF or above will not be permitted to enter the building. Additionally, students experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (coughing, shortness of breath, sore throat, nausea or vomiting) will not be permitted to attend camp. Once in the building, students will be escorted to their classroom.

Pick-up drivers need to display the DCT carpool sheet that will be provided in advance. Pick up will be at the same location in the parking lot as Drop off.

Interested persons can enroll in summer classes starting Monday, March 1 by visiting dct.org

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