Risking Everything: A Freedom Summer Reader is an excellent book!

Risking Everything

By Terri Schlichenmeyer You stand on the shoulders of giants. You’ve probably heard that all your life and it’s true: a lot of people have come before you to smooth your path. You benefit from their work, efforts, and their struggles – but you probably don’t think about it much. Or maybe you don’t know about [...]

“Getting Waisted” is a nice surprise for those who struggle on the yo-you diet cycle

Getting Waisted

By Terri Schlichenmeyer Up and down. Up and down. When your children were infants, you did it for them all night. You do it now with the remote, clicking through when you’re looking for something good on TV. You’re up and down while cleaning, working, exercising, and weighing yourself – and on that note, if [...]

Is Your Wardrobe Stressing You Out?

Desigual show at New York Fashion Week spring-summer 2014 ©Desigual®

As if there weren’t enough to worry about in day-to-day life, people often find themselves frozen in front of their closets during the morning rush, panicking about what to wear. “I think everyone has that terrible feeling of insecurity from time to time when you just know you have on the wrong outfit – as if it’s [...]

Children’s picture book series seeks to inspire creativity

where is jake

KINGSTON, WA. – “Where Is Jake?” introduces readers to Simon and his puppy, Jake. In this whimsical, rhyming children’s picture book, Jake is missing, and Simon has been searching in all of Jake’s favorite places. After looking everywhere, Simon discovers Jake in the most unlikely place. “The illustrations in the book are wonderful and will help [...]

Kimberla Lawson Roby’s The Prodigal Son is skippable

Prodigal Son

By Terri Schlichenmeyer, Mom always liked you better. Your siblings probably knew it. How could they not? You were her favorite who got the bigger dessert, more hugs, a lax curfew. Surely that proved it. And surely, they thought the same thing because Moms really aren’t supposed to have favorites. And in the new book [...]

Comedian discusses battle to resist suicidal state of mind

Author shares how he turned his life around. (Image via Facebook)

  (BlackNews.com) — In WHEN THE HUMOR IS GONE comedian Las Vegas James Bean reveals his struggle with depression, which led him to the brink of suicide; and, how life-changing revelations, as he was about to take razor blades to his wrists, allowed him to begin to fight his way back. In a frank and life-affirming narrative [...]

Memoir tells story of woman’s strength derived from God, power to overcome challenges


CARTHAGE, Texas – While author Jamie Gates describes herself as shy and quiet, she also says she is unafraid to share her story – one of courage and unwavering faith in God. She invites readers to walk with her down memory lane in her new memoir, “Gracefully Design: A Memoir” (published by Trafford Publishing). “Gracefully [...]

NDG Bookshelf: “All Different Now: Juneteenth, the First Day of Freedom”

All Different Now

By Terri Schlichenmeyer Tomorrow morning, when you wake up, everything will be changed. Oh, sure, you’ll still be in the same bed with the same sheets and jammies. Your room will be the same room you went to sleep in. Your mom will still be your mom and your dad will still be your dad [...]

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